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instigate::toolkit::qt_syntax_highlighter Class Reference

Qt syntax highlighter for widespread languages. More...

#include <qt_syntax_highlighter.hpp>

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struct  highlighting_rule

Public Member Functions

Special member functions

 qt_syntax_highlighter (QTextDocument *p) throw ()
 The only available constructor.
 ~qt_syntax_highlighter () throw ()


void set_language (const std::string &s) throw ()
 Sets the language for highlighting.

Detailed Description

Qt syntax highlighter for widespread languages.

Extension of QSyntaxHighlighter to highlight widespread languages. Current supported languages are

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

instigate::toolkit::qt_syntax_highlighter::qt_syntax_highlighter ( QTextDocument *  p  )  throw ()

The only available constructor.

p Text Document

Member Function Documentation

void instigate::toolkit::qt_syntax_highlighter::set_language ( const std::string &  s  )  throw ()

Sets the language for highlighting.

s The language to highlight
The parameter s should be one of cpp, verilog, vhdl, tcl, python

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