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instigate::toolkit::messagebox Class Reference

Message box. More...

#include <messagebox.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void set_message (const std::string &) throw ()
 Set message in message box.
void set_icon (const std::string &) throw ()
 Set icon in message box.
void set_title (const std::string &) throw ()
 Set title in message box.
void add_response (int a, const std::string &, bool t=false) throw ()
 Add response in message box.
int get_response () throw ()
 Get response after run.
void run () throw ()
 Runs the message box.

Detailed Description

Message box.

        toolkit::messagebox w;
        w.set_message("Do you want to delete all?");
        enum answer { yes, no };
        w.add_response(yes, "_Yes", true);

To create message box

Member Function Documentation

void instigate::toolkit::messagebox::add_response ( int  a,
const std::string &  ,
bool  t = false 
) throw ()

Add response in message box.

a The response of the button
t The default button

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