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instigate::toolkit::application Class Reference

The class manages the GUI application's control flow. More...

#include <application.hpp>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

Main window

void set_main_window (instigate::toolkit::window *w) throw ()
 Set application main window.
Special member functions

 application (int &c, char **v) throw ()
 the only available constructor
 ~application () throw ()


class window

Launch application

void run () throw ()
 This begins the event loop.
void quit () throw ()
 Quit application.
get () throw ()
 Get application object.

Detailed Description

The class manages the GUI application's control flow.

The class contains the main event loop, where all events from the window system and other sources are processed and dispatched. It also handles the application's initialization.

There is precisely one toolkit::application object. It must be created before any other objects related to the user interface are created.

toolkit::application::set_main_window() allow to set application main window, hence it is closed the application is quit. If application has no main window, it quit when last window is closed.

The application object is accessible through the toolkit::application::get() function that returns application object pointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

instigate::toolkit::application::application ( int &  c,
char **  v 
) throw ()

the only available constructor

c command line arguments count
v command line arguments

Member Function Documentation

void instigate::toolkit::application::run (  )  throw ()

This begins the event loop.

No events propagate until this has been called.

this function should be called once
void instigate::toolkit::application::set_main_window ( instigate::toolkit::window w  )  throw ()

Set application main window.

w window object.
0 != w

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