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Class instigate::geometry::concept::point::interface< T >
make template specialization so that any std::pair<T,T> is also a model of this concept if (and only if) T is a numeric type

Class instigate::toolkit::gtk_key_event
Review: Please comment this class

Class instigate::toolkit::item
Review: Please comment this class

Class instigate::toolkit::qt_graphics_view
Review: Please comment this class

Class instigate::toolkit::qt_item< T >
Review: Please comment this class

Class instigate::toolkit::qt_widget< T >
Review: Please comment this class

Member instigate::toolkit::window::add_event (const std::string &n)
Clarify complexity

Member instigate::toolkit::window::add_frame (const std::string &s)

The frame is not visible in some Qt configurations, so QPlastiqueStyle is temporally explicitly set for displaying the frame box in Qt.

Member instigate::toolkit::window::add_listener (const std::string &n, T f)
Clarify complexity

Member instigate::toolkit::window::add_spacer (const std::string &s)
remove_widget function should be extended to delete spacers

Member instigate::toolkit::window::create_snapshot (const std::string &n) const
if the method is invoked directly after show() method, a snapshot may not be taken properly, because of the "slowness" of show() method.

Member instigate::toolkit::window::emit_event (const std::string &n)
Clarify complexity

Member instigate::toolkit::window::get_event_emitter () const
Implement this function for other widgets too.

Member instigate::toolkit::window::get_value (const std::string &s) const
This function will be used also for other widgets (e.g. slider).

Member instigate::toolkit::window::hide (const std::string &s)

Provide hide function for gtk(does not work now)

Member instigate::toolkit::window::is_exist_item_with_name (const std::string &s) const

Must be checked a validity of the context(can be container).

Member instigate::toolkit::window::run ()
Remove run

Member instigate::toolkit::window::set_action_accelerator (const std::string &s, const std::string &n)
explain the format of accelerator.

Member instigate::toolkit::window::set_context (const std::string &s)

must be checked validity of setting context(conteiners must be)

Member instigate::toolkit::window::set_paned_position (const std::string &s, int i)

Is implemented for Gtk only.

Member instigate::toolkit::window::set_syntax (const std::string &s, const std::string &l)
possible values of l should be described.

Member instigate::toolkit::window::set_value (const std::string &s, const std::string &t)
find out if set_value method is needed for file chooser dialog.

Group User defined events
When emitted event from different thread, which callback refreshes gui, in gtk mode gui not refreshed automatically. It refreshes only during mouse moving on window.

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